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Install Windows 10 in VirtualBox -

Install Windows 10 in VirtualBox

How to install Windows 10 in VirtualBox – 2015. This tutorial we will be showing how to install Windows 10 in VirtualBox. It’s a very simple process and as long as you have VirtualBox installed, you should be able to follow along. In our previous tutorial, we installed Windows Server 2012 in VirtualBox. This will […]

Install Windows 2012 in VirtualBox - PC-Addicts

Install Windows 2012 in VirtualBox

How to install Windows Server 2012 in VirtualBox – 2015. This tutorial is going to focus on the quick and simple installation of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 in VirtualBox. Specifically, VirtualBox on Mac OS X but it’s basically the same process on any platform (Windows, Linux, etc.) If you need help getting to this point […]

My FTP Client of Choice - PC-Addicts

FTP Client of Choice

What is the best FTP client for Windows, OS X, and Linux? I can’t answer that question, but I can tell you what FTP client I use when I need to manage some files to and from my web hosting; FileZilla. I have been using FileZilla for many years. I can’t remember what I used […]

Fleximounts P01 Tablet Stand - PC-Addicts

Fleximounts P01 Tablet Stand

What is the best tablet stand? Here is one that I tested out by Fleximounts. We own one iPad here at the Davis residence, but we have not had a need to have a mount for the iPad, until now. For one of our other business’ (, we are building a registration building where people […]


How to back-up iOS pictures and videos

This is a fairly common question that I get seen thrown around.  How do you back up your pictures from your iOS device?(iPhones, iPads, iPods) In this quick and easy tutorial we show you how to download the pictures and videos from your iOS device to your computer without using any 3rd party software. How […]

VirtualBox - PC-Addicts

Setting up VirtualBox

What VM software did I choose to use and why? VirtualBox! On a recent post, I asked you all what Virtual Machine software you feel I should use moving forward. There are a lot of different options out there, but one I have always came back to was VirtualBox. This time is no different. VirtualBox […]


Mionix Naos 7000 Gaming Mouse

Ergonomic gaming mouse by Mionix. Introducing the Mionix Naos 7000. In the world of gaming, it seems there is always one piece of hardware that people hold very close to them; the mouse. I definitely don’t consider myself to be a gamer, but if I did, this would be one mouse I would take a […]


Question: What VM Software Should I Use?

What is the best VM (Virtual Machine) software for Mac OS X? It’s about time I get my butt back in gear with tutorials! This is going to require me to setup a test lab here at the house. The problem is, I don’t currently have a test lab nor do I have the hardware […]

soundlink colors

Bose Soundlink Color Unboxing

We live in a time where wireless technology is becoming more and more common. The early days of wireless audio technology presented multiple issues. Interference, excessive quality loss,  and Instability. Today, those issues have been greatly minimized and in some cases resolved. Like many brands, BOSE has taken advantage of utilizing wireless audio technology. Today, we’re […]


Google Nexus 6 Review!

Name of Product: Google Nexus 6 What does the Google Nexus 6 promise to deliver?A bigger phone with more everything More screen to see More sound to hear More powerful processor Does the Nexus 6 deliver on those promises? If not more of everything, then pretty darn close. Screen Size: 6” Quad HD display up […]

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