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Happy Halloween – Quick Status Update – No Shave November

Happy 2015 Halloween everyone!! Sorry I have been so distant lately. Sure, I can give you a lot of excuses, but I’m done doing that… it is what it is. Yes, I am busy, but I need to balance things out a little better. So… with that said, here is a quick video! Oh, and […]

Corsair Voyager Go

Buy On Amazon: Item: (Corsair) Voyager Go Flash Drive Price: 29.99   Product Features Allows you to move and copy files between your Android device and your desktop/notebook PC without using a cable Works with any USB On-The-Go compatible Android tablet or smartphone with a Micro-USB connector Dramatically boosts your mobile device’s storage capacity USB […]

Friday Live – Tech, Photography, Upcoming Ideas

LIVE chit-chat during lunch at work. Friday September 25, 2015. Discussed a few topics with YOU from the chat room. Topics included were random tech, some photography, and upcoming ideas for our Friday Live events! Join us LIVE every Friday!

My Video Lighting 2015

Video lighting is important. Good video lighting can have a dramatic effect on the quality of your video, regardless of camera make, model, type. Even USB webcams can look REALLY good if using proper lighting. Over the past 4-5 years, I have tried a few different lighting setups. First I tried this DIY video lighting. […]

3 Quick & Easy Excel Tips

Three basic spreadsheet tips and tricks I use all of the time that help speed up my workflow. Again, these are 3 BASIC tips, not advanced! Subscribe (both here on the site and YouTube) to keep up to date when new Excel tips and tricks videos will be published! 3 Basic Excel Spreadsheet Tips Tip […]

LG Tone Pro HBS-760 Review

Purchase On Amazon: Amazon: Item: LG Tone Pro HBS-760 Bluetooth Headset Price: $69.99 Color Options: Red, Blue and Black Product Features Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices (Including Windows, Apple and Android devices) Works well with desktop and laptops that support bluetooth technology Quad-Layer Speaker Technology Provides full bass, clear voice and reduced distortion on […]

Macbook Pro RAM and Hard Drive Replacement

I’ve finally upgraded the RAM and Hard Drive in my Macbook Pro. I originally purchased the cheapest Macbook Pro that I could just so that I could test it out and see how I liked it, also because I could manually upgrade the components in the machine myself. So I finally replaced the 4GB of […]

HP 9480m Ram Replacement – How To

At work we are always upgrading ram in our machines, any time we have a new laptop in we put more ram into it. I figured I could take this opportunity to show a quick video on how to replace or upgrade the RAM in an HP 9480m, this also applies to HP 9470m models […]

A Little About Google Docs

Best way to collaborate with documents Have you ever wondered how you could easily share documents between a group of people and not have to worry if someone else might have one of them open at the same time? Google Docs is a really nice option with some really cool features. To top it off, […]

Samsung Gear 2 Neo – Smart Watch Review

I’ve been contemplating buying a smart watch for some time now. As a person who bought into the Fitbit craze and purchased the base one, I realized how much I was missing by not having more options like maybe something that tells time for one. After doing a lot of research I started looking heavily […]

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