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Dropbox – How and Why We Use It

How do we use Dropbox? First off, what is Dropbox? Dropbox is a cloud based storage service that allows you to sync files, pictures, videos between multiple devices. One really good reason why people use Dropbox would be for a secondary backup solution. Simply place a file in your dropbox folder and access from anywhere and […]

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What Videos Should We Make?

What videos / tutorials would you like us to produce? Zach and I would like to hear from YOU! What videos / tutorials / product reviews would you be interested in watching from us? We can’t guarantee we will be able to make a tutorial for each and every suggestion, but let’s see what kind […]


Roxant Video Camera Stabilizer

How to stabilize video from a camera (GoPro)? I got tired of trying to hold the little GoPro camera when trying to record some videos. Plus, we have a wedding to shoot (video record) in two days, one camera is going to be my Nikon D750 while the other is the GoPro. Planning on using […]


Loctek Dual Arm Monitor & Laptop Mount D5DL

Looking for a desk mount that will hold your laptop and a monitor? I’m always looking to better my ergonomics and computer desk setup. In today’s world, ergonomics should be on the top of everyone’s list. That’s where monitor mounts like this one come in. You are able to lift your monitor and laptop off […]


Studio Monitors vs. House Speakers

About This Project In this video, I discuss the differences between your average house speakers and studio monitors. You’ll also learn why it’s important to invest into studio monitors.   Short details Title: Lewis Beasley | Studio Monitors vs. House Speakers Created: 6/16/2015 Genre: N/A Stay In Touch With Lewis Site: Twitter: Google Plus: […]


What’s On My Desk

About This Project As requested by my youtube fans, here it is. The long awaited video showing what’s on my desk with emphasis on those items I use everyday in my home office. Shout out to my PC-Addicts family!! Short details Title: Lewis Beasley (KBone) | What’s On My Desk Created: 6/9/2015 Genre: N/A Items In This […]

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Remove Object From Photo

How to remove an object from a photo and/or image quickly using Photoshop CC in 4 easy steps. Need to remove something from a picture? Maybe you are asking yourself: How do I remove this or that from my photo? Since I was first introduced to Photoshop many years ago, this task has gotten to […]


Use your TV as a computer monitor

So you have a large TV with a great display and you’re thinking, “I would love to see how my computer looks on this big screen, how do I do this?” Well this is a pretty common question and this is something I am always doing at home because I am always watching videos from […]

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Collaboration Introduction – PC-Addicts and PCSimplest

What is YouTube collaboration? Well, I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s what we are attempting to do here. So we have been reading a lot about different things to do with YouTube videos and we keep reading about collaborating with other YouTube channels/creators. So, why not throw together some videos and tutorials […]


How to Block Facebook Game Requests

I always see people on Facebook complaining about the game requests that they get and always are asking…how do you block this?!  I took the time and made this video on my Note 3 to show you how you can block these annoying requests.  This will work from any mobile device as the screens are […]

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