Ergotech Triple Monitor Stand

Multiple monitors are almost a standard these days. I remember years ago when I first hooked up my 2nd monitor to one desktop and LOVED it!

Since having two monitors is so common, why not three?

Here we will be taking a quick look at a really nice triple monitor stand by Ergotech.

I have seen and worked with a lot of multi-monitor stands and mounts over the years. This one has to be one of my favorite for a desk stand. Very well built, solid, and doesn’t feel like anything is going to be breaking while holding all of the monitors.


  • All Ergotech Desk Stands comes equipped with Ergotech’s patented Quick Release Pivots for easy, instant setup and adjustment.
  • All Ergotech Desk Stands are FREE-STANDING and sit perfectly on your desktop…no clamps required.
  • All desk stands are made to be expandable, allowing you expand up to 6 monitors with just a few extra parts! Click here for chart.
  • Steel and aluminum construction for lightweight stability.
    All Ergotech desk stands comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!
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  1. Do you use multiple monitors?

  2. Very nice video and product man! Does this unit bolt to the desk or clamp?

    • Thank you! This particular unit does not bolt (or clamp) to the desk. I believe the company does have other models that do bold/clamp to the desk. If so, I might see about picking one up. I am a huge fan of mounts that clamp to a desk (to keep the desk area free for paper/etc).

  3. Cool, I’m really considering picking one of these up here very soon. I’ve been looking for a way to setup multi-monitors (4-6 monitors) for a project I’m working on. Originally I was planning on mounting the monitors to the wall, but really didn’t want to buy 4-6 vesa mounts and drill into the wall. For that reason, I’ve been procrastinating. Very happy you did video. It’s has definitely opened my mind up to some possibilities. Thanks man!

    • They have some really nice 4-6 stands as well. I think you will be very happy with the construction of ErgoTech’s stands. If you want me to show you any more with this stand, let me know!

  4. Hey guys,

    I saw your comments and I thought I would shed some light! We do make the triple monitor stands with a clamp or a flush. The product code is 100-F16-B03 for the flush and 100-C16-B03 for the clamp. These are also easily upgradeable to hold up to 6 monitors, all you need to do is buy a bigger pole, another triple bar, and the pivots. If you want to look into some real heavy duty stuff, check out our Apex System, it holds from 2-10 monitors! If you guys needs more information check out our product catalog (

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