How to Install Windows Server 2012 in VirtualBox

In this tutorial of the “How to setup a virtual lab environment” video series we will be setting up Windows Server 2012 in VirtualBox.

One of the ways I teach myself server related topics is to install a virtual environment and configure it as closely as possible to a real life environment.

This allows me to test server roles without worrying about breaking an actual live production environment.

How to Install Windows Server 2012 in VirtualBox

Links for the ISO downloads:

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  1. Lawrence Nehlor says:

    i download window server 2012 IOS to install in virtual environment and born IOS on DVD, installation go excellent with my Thinkpad laptop but problem in virtualbox installation.

    software downloaded:
    virtualbox 3.4.6
    IOS evaluation server 2012

    which two IOS, evaluation IOS and evaluation VHD work with virtualbox 3.4.6 and how to have it done.

  2. mwpowellhtx says:

    Wouldn’t this perform a little better if you allocate the entire disk space up front?

  3. wicky sahaey says:

    from where i download iso for server 2012 plz give me link for iso i am new in system side

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