March 2014 Office Tour

I decided an office tour video was long overdue. Walk with me around what I call my Screencasting Recording Studio.

Here at PC-Addicts, we used to have a fairly large photo gallery where people would submit pictures of their computer setups. I remember posting many pictures of my setups (I used to switch my office around almost monthly).

Since we no longer have a photo gallary, I figured it was time I record a quick video showing my current setup as of the date of this post.

You might notice that I do not have my large desktop anywhere in the video. That’s because I decided to place it in a separate room, headless (no monitor). I just remote into it if/when I need to.

My corner of the office. Here you can see the UltraSonic acoustic panels I recently purchased (they were on sale). I still need to add some to the ceiling.

I am thinking about purchasing a couple old moving blankets and hanging them by the ceiling (surrounding my desk area) to help with the echo. Thoughts?


My desk with the ugly blue towel (used to help reduce the echo during recordings). My Macbook Air is mounted in a Hedge Dock.


My wife’s corner of the office.


Cool-smelling candle light thingy.


HP 4200tn printer and a few tripods.


My cheap (but usable) lighting.

Photo-Light-2 Photo-Light-1

Netgear R7000 router (used only as an access point).


Blue Yeti USB microphone.


Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headphones.


Bose 321 audio.


UltraSonic acoustic panels.


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  1. iamthesaga says:

    Looks cool. Beats my old kitchen table in the basement with my laptop and printer on it.

  2. amer1canparatrooper says:

    Nice diggs. What kind of lightboxes are you using? Those are tight too

  3. What videos are in the future?

  4. Looks like it’s coming along man. Nice! They make these really nice rubber desk matts for desk surfaces. If you don’t like the towel, you can always go with a rubberized desk matt. Remember, rubber is your friend when it comes to absorbing shock sounds created by a surface being touched. Truthfully, a microphone stand or arm connected to a shock mount would be ideal. That’s guaranteed to resolve surface shock issues.

    It just dawned on me that your office is no longer in that room with the sliding door? At least it doesn’t look like it. This room looks different. Maybe it’s just been awhile.

  5. Are friday night live streams ever coming back?!?!?!

    • You know… I don’t think streaming is going to come back on a regular schedule for a while. Due to my very unstable ISP connection, it’s too frustrating to schedule a live stream and then let everyone down because the connection is too crummy. I think I will just pop in/out of live streams when I feel the connection is stable enough. Hopefully one day I will switch or this ISP will stop over-saturating their towers for more profit.

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