Server Setup (5) Server 2012 R2 Essentials

Super quick install of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials.

How times have changed over the years when it comes to installing server operating systems. It seems like just yesterday when I was creating boot disks on floppy drives to install an operating system.

This video is going to quickly go over a super simple and fast install of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essentials.

In a real-world enviornment, it’s not normal to install a server operating system within VirtualBox virtual environment. I am simply using VirtualBox for demonstration purposes for this video series.

1. Download the Media

Download the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 media.

2. Configure RAID

Because I am not super rich with physical servers growing on trees, I am unable to walk you step by step on setting up a RAID. This one you will have to research on your own.

Sorry everyone, as much as I would LOVE to have a newer-style server with some actual awesome storage, it’s just not possible in my current situation. One day it will happen though, and it it does, you better be ready for some awesome detailed tutorials!!

3. Install Operating System

Insert the DVD and run through the super-simple install process. Follow the prompts and you will be good to go.

Question for You

What server operating system would you install for a small business? Don’t be afraid to post your answer… there are NO wrong answers!!!

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  1. What server operating system would you install for a small business? Don’t be afraid to post your answer… there are NO wrong answers!!!

    • I’m researching Zentyal on Ubuntu (14.04) for a small business looking to replace Microsoft SBS. So far, looks like a suitable replacement and the price is right !

  2. I am looking to make the jump from server 2003 small business to server 2012!!

  3. I’ve been running Server 2012 for a good while now. I have I’ve upgraded (well made new ones and demoted one ones) all of our DCs to 2012 r2. I haven’t gotten to the file server yet.. fyi even though the system requirements hasn’t changed from 2012 to r2 in a production environment it needs a bit more resources, its more of a resource hog than 2012 which is fairly light weight all considering.

  4. Because of HIPAA the doctor offices I work for are required to upgrade all XP machines to Windows 8 and all Server 2003 machines to 2008 or 2012. Took the plunge to 2012 R2 DC and it’s been a nightmare. Importing our license for our remote desktop license server seemed impossible. We were getting CAL mismatches, not able to change user permissions and local directories and nobodies passwords remained the same because of new strength requirements. And using metro over RDP seems really slow when you have 20 other people RDP’d in using financial and EHR software. We purchased a good ole license from Stardock for Start8 and did away with the metro crap. I’d stay with server 2008. 2012 doesn’t seem worth all the extra effort. And it didn’t play well with our new AD server with a new tree domain.

    • Server 2012 has a lot of nice new features. and Standard support for 2008/7 ends Jan 2015 (extended ends 2020)

      But as far as your TS cals you have to by ones for every new version or upgrade your current ones (SA would have long run out), you can change password requirements, and also it should not automatically be changing an AD user passwords.

  5. Senthilkumaran.K says:

    Hi chris, Can you post some videos on MCITP or can you share data which can be give me more knowledge on servers.

  6. Hi Chris, love the server series, any future vids in the pipe line :-)

    • Thanks! Been really really really busy with non-technical stuff the past few months. I am in the process of starting a new business with my wife and that has taken so much of my time. I do plan to get back in the groove of things here at PC-Addicts, but not sure exactly when.

      • Cant wait to see more of your vids!! Good luck with your new business!

        • be really good to see this series on creating a companys domain and server setups through as so far the vids have been great specially the planning video, that is a crucial part in any build!
          look forward to more

  7. hi guys , well i have gave UP trying to figure out server 2012 r2 , i just cant get sharepoint to install at all !!!!! on top of it everbody gives advice on doing things in command line , im sticking with server 2008 and sp 2008

  8. I actually found your video while considering upgrading my WHS2011. I came across a G7 Proliant surpluss that is screaming hot. Took my WHS install of the tower I had it on and put it on a real server only problem is there WHS is limit to 8GB of RAM so the other 40GB are sitting there untouched it makes me want to cry. Any addvise on setting up 2012 R2 Essentials for a home server set up?

  9. Yomi Ogunbiyi says:

    Every blessing on your new venture. Waiting for when you can resume these awesome tutorials… Learning from you big time

  10. Salman Aslam says:

    please guid me how to configure domain server 2012 completely.Thanks

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