Zoom H4N Handy Recorder Unboxing

This is my unboxing of the Zoom H4n Handy Recorder. I’m a huge fan of the H2n model, however I decided to purchase this model to play a role in some upcoming projects. Another GREAT microphone/recorder to add to my collection of microphones.  With the onboard pre-amp, 1/4 inch inputs and XLR inputs, I can power my external microphones with the required Phantom  power. That means, the microphones I normally use in the studio can be used with the Zoom H4n.


  • Built-in X/Y stereo mics record at either 90° or 120°
  • Four channel simultaneous recording using built-in and external mics
  • Digitally controlled, high-quality mic preamp for improved audio quality
  • Large 1.9-Inch LCD screen and improved user interface for easy operation
  • 24bit/96kHz Linear PCM recording for pristine recording
  • MP3 recording for increased recording time
  • Built-in reference speaker to check recordings
  • Shock resistant rubberized body for improved chassis protection
  • Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) compatible time stamp and track marker
  • Records on SD/SDHC media of up to 32GB for maximum recording time
  • Auto-record and pre-record feature so you never miss a moment
  • Variable speed playback capability for “phrase training”
  • Stamina mode enables 10 hours of continuous battery life
  • Onboard mid-side matrix decoder for additional miking possibilities
  • Built-in mounting joint for tripod and mic stand mounting
  • USB 2.0 port for faster file transfer
  • XLR inputs with phantom power allow recording with any mic
  • Supports plug-in power type external mics
  • Hi-Z Inputs for recording guitar and bass
  • Studio effects onboard, including guitar and bass amp modeling
  • USB audio interface capability
  • Low-cut filter to reduce noise
  • Normalizing and file splitting functions
  • Mono mix function
  • Onboard tuner and metronome
  • Includes 1 GB SD card, wind screen, mic clip adapter, AC adapter, USB cable, protective case and Cubase LE recording software
  • Optional remote control (RC4) available


  1. Nice unboxing! I was also looking at this microphone when I had bought the Blue Yeti. I don’t recall what made me decide ultimately on the Yeti. I think it was because the Yeti had the different options for “whole room” vs “interview” vs etc.

    I can’t wait to hear some samples from this mic. Looking forward to the review! :)

    • Your right, that would have been a difficult choice. I think if I were in your shoes and I was looking for something just to record YouTube videos, I would have probably made the same decision you made with the Yeti. Truthfully, the H4N is a little overkill for just making YouTube videos.

      The features that really sold me on this is obviously it’s portability and external microphone XLR support. It also has a preamp which can power microphones that require phantom power. That means I don’t have to chug along bulky equipment when mobile recording. Grab good microphone(s), this recorder, and your on your way out the door! Compression, limiting and fx can all be performed on this device in real-time. Definitely will come in handy for many of my situations. That is what it really boils down to. Needs and preferences :-)

  2. I used the H4n alot when I did video production it works great if you have mics that have a nice hot output otherwise you have to crank up the gain to much and the h4n mic pres are a bit noisy. It wasn’t a problem for boom mics, but for lav mics it tended to cause issues. that was the reason I had to start using the tascam dr 680. Otherwise the H4n is a good unit. I can’t say the same about the original h4 though It loses sync so you can never uses it with video without a lot of adjustments

    • Right. I’m hearing that the pre’s and the gain have been revised and addressed in the newly release H6N. We’ll see. Although I don’t have plans to use the microphone built in on the H4N, I haven’t ran to any issues with it yet while testing. I have the H2n and many external microphones that in my opinion satisfies all my microphone needs :-)

      How are you liking the tascam dr 680? I’ve played with that unit a couple of times and I thought it was pretty nice. Just a little bulky for my portable needs. I like tascam. Especially their digital consoles. One of my favorite mixing consoles to use is the SSL 9000, however when it comes to a small space and limitations such as that, give me the Tascam DM-4800. I love that board.

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